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One of the consequences of gambling is the periods of time without win and bingo is no exception. I did not have a profit period for months ago. How long is it going to go without a single bingo profit? How do we break the spelling and see how the winners will roll again?

Forget dry spelling, I'm in the midst of a long-term bingo drought and I remember exactly when it started. There was a time I would go to my local bingo club to spend an afternoon bingo and I win as much as every other time I went. These days I did not enjoy bingo in months to shout.



Things dried up months ago and all my problems started with number eleven. I was playing a bingo party and I was on a number eleven. This is where our hate relationship began. There is no love when it comes to number eleven. It seemed to me that I always wait for that number and since then. I believe the only way to break this curse is to win at eleven and I have to do.

Another contributing factor to my dry spelling is the wizards. I like to play on the electronic bingo machines, but there are a series of packages with different prices and bingo tickets per game. Players can also choose the wizard machines or a portable vending machine.


I usually go with the vending machines so I can sit wherever I want. There is a section in the back of the bingo hall full of wizards. At least 75% of all wins come from players in that section. They have to buy an obscene number of tickets because it is not only the same part, but they are the same people who win.

I'm still optimistic because my love for the game of bingo has not changed. It's the passion for the game that I walk through on my crusade to put down eleven. And I'll take Ben Elf down!

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