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 Playing at my local bingo hall is CEone rule that has to be strictly followed, silence during every bingo game. Mobile phones that call, talk and giggle are one of the main features of a bingo player.

Nothing can be more horrible than you have to sow or cough cough and disturb the bingo caller. It never seems to me that if I'm in the middle of a game there's something I remember and die to share with my bingo buddy. I almost cannot wait until the game is over, while I hope I do not forget what I want to talk about. I will try to whisper softly, I would like to share my news and that's when my bingo friend will give me an eye on me loudly and make it clear that I break the sounds of silence.

 It must be psychological, because every time I understand myself in a difficult situation, I do not sound at all. I laughed so hard during a bingo game, tears rolled my face. It always seems to me to be contagious, and that's when the real problems begin, because both me and my friend have a case of uncontrollable giggles.


Then it struck me out of the blue, when bingo is a social game, why are we silent during a bingo session? Okay, I understand we need to hear the bingo caller and it takes a bit of concentration to mark your bingo cards, but seriously, should we really be so quiet that you can hear a pin drop?

 I soon find that you buy the electronic bingo cards and with a tap on the screen you will never miss another bingo number, making less concentration and hearing of the bingo caller irrelevant. But in reality there will always be a bingo player who buys the paper tickets.

 Nah, there is the perfect solution for curing the will to talk blues by playing online bingo. The cards are automatically marked for us and a bingo is never missed with automatic bingo wigs that have been requested for us. Our fingers talk in a chat that does not wait at the right time to socialize; Each time, it's time to chat with chatters like me.



Internet bingo restores the magic of a community community with a platform of idol chat never hit. So go ahead, giggle, sneeze and chat to the content of your heart.


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