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Bingo as we all know is almost 90 ball, 75 ball, 80 ball and 30 ball bingo. They will never go out of style and 90 ball and 75 ball bingo are the old timers in the bingo world. The appearance of 80 and then 30 ball bingo was an exciting prospect for bingo players.


90 and 75 bingo have their own origins spread around the world as wild fire. It's easy to understand why and almost impossible not to love them for their distinct value. Britain's 90 bingo has its advantages because players have 3 chances to win in one game. That's an impressive stimulus in a book of a bingo player with 1 line, 2 line and the big final biggest money prize full house game.


 75 ball is the American style bingo way to play with striking features such as the free space on each card. Not to mention the hundreds of bingo patterns for a constantly fresh and new game every time you play.


So to say a new style of online bingo there has been a wonderful revelation and understatement. It's like a child in a candy shop that can not wait to bring the newest flavor. The hottest, most recent bingo invention is bingo 60. As you can almost imagine, there are 60 balls in play.


What makes 60 ball bingo different than other games? 90 ball bingo was the leader for most wins on a single card, but bingo 60 continues because they go on top.




There are, maybe you would like to sit for this, I'll wait for you to do that, just do not be too long because honestly, the excitement kills me here. Ready, sitting and located? There is not one, two, three or even four bingo games on a single card, not by a long shot. Bingo friends are watching exciting FIVE games!


Oh, but it's getting better, so you're not out of your chair, because there's a potential to make a $ 20,000 razzle dazzling jackpot. Uh huh, I told you that this was great and could be the best since sliced ​​bread.



For now, the only place I know is that bingo 60 can only be played, Tombola. If you are looking for action to pick up and charge the bingo battery then bingo 60 is the game for you.

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