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Explore Poker Glossary and Casino Terms


Learning the terminology used in poker is a very important key to understanding the game of poker. It is also good to know what these words mean in this unique language for players or players involved in the game of poker. You can not only understand the words and talk to other players, but learning the wording leaves the impression accept others at your table. This time we will see some of these words and phrases and define.

Action: This means the amount of money that is exercised during a hand.

All in This means that you do not have tokens or money before the delivery is when you call or bet.


Backdoor: This means drawing cards both on the turn and the river giving you a drawing hand. This is also known as a runner.

Button: This is an acrylic disc that indicates the operator of a hand.

Sale: This term means a bluff on your way to winning the hand.

Control: Control means a bet. Checking is another word for a poker chip.

Cripple: This term means that the cover has been deactivated. For example, you have queens and the other two queens on the flop and then the deck is lame.


Dog: Dog that means or another player is the weakest.

Fast: if you play fast or aggressive as much effort.

Fold: This means letting the hand or the loss of the hand. Also known as the laying of a hand throw.

Internal ladder project: Also known as filling a right interior.

Hit: This is carried out on the flop in poker hold em, which means that some of these cards help her.

Kicker: This is a card that is unpaired and determines the best two hands are approximately equivalent.


Muck: This refers to cards that are folded or burned by the dealer by the players.

Notes: Refers to the best hand covering the board.

Pocket: The cards that are dealt, packaged in the hand.

Quads: this means a hand containing four cards of a kind.

River: This is the fifth and last card kept in a hold em poker hand and face in hand. This is also called the fifth street.

Set: A set of three cards of a kind when the two of you have.

Send: This is an indication that a player tells you that if they have a good or bad hand.

Toke: A toke represents a small tip given to the dealer by a jackpot winner.


These are just some of the terms and phrases used in the poker game, but there are many others. This will start with learning the most common words in poker jargon and you should take the time to learn the rest of them.

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