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f:id:iconicbingo:20170810225836j:plainThere is no greater love than your husband's and there's nothing between you two ...... without being a hard bingo fan! With Valentine's Day drawing nearby love is warming in the air and passion.When planning romantic dinners and short rendezvous, you are also scampering to find the best Valentine Bingo promotion. Multi-tasking has become one of your expert features to break your time between work, romance and finding the best bingo promotions.


Now if you could catch those green eyes alone, that's a bit jealous. Oh, it's not that you have another eye for another man or have a secret romance on the side. The man in your life is in competition with the bingo balls. A bingo player has heard it all and seen everything. Getting the old heave-ho "It's me or bingo" never threatens to be good. Of course you can pacify him at the moment and if he does not look you sneak into a game or two. Or maybe wait until he goes for the night and then the matches begin.

f:id:iconicbingo:20170810230423j:plainUnfortunately, time for yourself without any disturbance or guilt to neglect your partner. Then it hits you like a stone! Why should you first make a choice? Finally, do you complain if he is going to fish or play a round of golf with his friends? You stand up, hold your ground and tell him that it's me and bingo or nothing. Then you draw the biggest trump card of all "enter your night with the boys" and give up your bingo. Now he threw him a sucker punch right between the eyes. One night hang out at the local bar and hammer a few beers with the boys as if you lost a limb! Before the lovers splash out of hand and both lose their second passion, he admits that bingo is fine with him.


Just like the magic there is a complete harmony and the couple now has a meeting of the thoughts. Now it's time to get priorities and that's a reservation at your favorite restaurant for a romantic Valentine dinner by candlelight. What about dinner and 8 he asks his beautiful wife. Twirling her hair, she starts to remember, there's a big Bingo Jackpot game that starts at 8 o'clock, what about an early dinner, she says 5o'clock, she suggests. Umm he stammers and sputters meet the boys in the Sports bar to watch their big game; football. Aw heck Valentine's Day is overestimated anyway, do not you think darling?


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